Peter van Lindonk had one major rule when traveling on long flights. He would always buy three magazines highlighting topics he knew next to nothing about. After 35 years in the Publishing industry, this was no easy feat, but he learned to shy away from corporate topics and embrace new and unfamiliar information.

This kept him incredibly inspired.

In 1995, he picked up one of the first editions of Fast Company and read an article about TED, which, at the time, was a relatively unknown yearly conference in Monterey owned by Richard Wurman. Peter was intrigued and attended the conference in 1996 for the first time, enjoying it so much he subsequently returned in 1997 and 1998.

It was at a TED conference that he suggested to Wurman that a European version of the conference could be a great success. Mr. Wurman replied: “Do it yourself.” And so Peter created his own conference, called PINC (People Ideas Nature Creativity).


PINC is People, Ideas, Nature, Creativity. These themes are the heartbeat of this unique conference.

In 1999, two Dutch publishers, Peter and Nelleke van Lindonk, decided to create a day-long conference with the sole purpose of giving center stage to creativity, inspiration, and innovation by inviting accredited speakers from all walks of life to share their passion projects with an audience hungry to feed their senses.

Thus, PINC was born and has since been considered ‘The Most Creative Day in Holland.’ After 15 years of great success in the Netherlands, PINC made its American debut in Sarasota, Florida in November 2014, and it was a SMASHING success, cementing its second location in the United States.

So, how did PINC get to the states? Peter and his wife and PINC co-founder, Nelleke, had been loyal visitors to the Sarasota area for almost three decades. Years later, their son Olivier moved to the area for work and made Sarasota his home.

A few years back, Olli threw a holiday party at which his parents and local entrepreneur and Founder of atLarge, Inc., Anand Pallegar, were all in attendance. The group found themselves discussing the conference and the incredible impact it would have here in Sarasota.

As the story goes, Anand and the van Lindonks laid out big plans for PINC on a little cocktail napkin, a whole huge adventure cemented onto a tiny, delicate paper. The group took that spark and ran with it, expanding the PINC legacy by bringing the conference to the states.

Together, the PINC team have worked to bring the magic of PINC Netherlands to Florida, and on November 6, 2014, the first PINC.Sarasota took form, opening the door for many PINCs to come.

PINC is an inspiring cascade of new ideas, great stories, and impressive visual presentations delivered by a superb selection of 16 international speakers from every imaginable discipline, who have little in common except a passion for what they do and absolute faith in the power of innovation, inspiration and creativity.

Past speakers include Temple Grandin, Art Editor of The New Yorker Françoise Mouly, Stefan Sagmeister, and NASA Astronaut Story Musgrave, to name a few.

The day also features dynamic intermezzos ranging from musical acts to acrobatic performances, plus three fantastic meals, and tea and coffee breaks. Think tap dancers and musical acts, circus performers and comedians, plus flavors ranging from grapefruit cotton candy to sea urchin popsicles.

PINC is a feast for the brain and all its senses. It’s a bubble bath for your mind that is meant to inspire the audience with creativity and innovation. This is not a typical conference.

There is no Power Point telling you how to be a better business leader, there is no grab bag full of pens and notepads handed out at the end, there is no sad, soggy sandwich served midday. This is PINC. And PINC is incredible.

"A conference is as good as its audience." PINC’s motto, from day one, indicates the collaboration between the speakers and the guests. Whether on stage or in the seats, this conference aims to bring together thought leaders, innovators, creative thinkers, entrepreneurs, specialists, designers, artists, scientists, and people looking to stimulate their mind, heart, and brain.

If you want to be inspired, you want to be at PINC.